Shot: CNN Upset That Breitbart News Has ‘Not Given Prime Placement’ to Porn Star Articles. —Headline, Big Journalism, Thursday. ? Chaser: CNN’s Bizarre Blackout On Democrats’ Farrakhan Scandal. —Headline, the Daily Caller, yesterday. “CNN’s on-air coverage … Read more

CNN: "No way Trump will be ready to negotiate with NK by May" -FLASHBACK to 1999 when Trump gave interview to Meet the Press. "The biggest problem this world has is nuclear proliferation…"

He spoke for 2 minutes about Whacko NK. In a 1999 interview on Meet the Press, Donald Trump described how he would handle North Korea if he was elected president. … Read more

List of reporters that Hillary wined and dined, including biggest journalists and pundits of CNN, ABC, NBC, MSNBC, NY Times, and a lot more. Off the record.

by Bucks2001 (another dinner with 25) “20 reporters who will closely cover the campaign (aka the bus)” “Off the record” dinner with 25 press attendees.” “Hi John – … Read more

Twitter suspends acct of Colton Haab the young hero who shielded his classmates with kevlar sheets during the shooting in Parkland and also claimed CNN tried to script his question at the Towhall

“Our videos are getting flagged for harassment and bullying… CNN can go to an old lady’s house in Florida, stick a camera in her face, and accuse her of being … Read more