The Fed Helped Create Housing Bubble I And Then Helped Create Housing Bubble II: The Sequel (Case Study Of Phoenix AZ Home Price Bubble)

by confoundedinterest17 Phil Hall of Benzinga wrote a series of excellent articles in four parts for MortgageOrb (although “The Orb” has removed his name). Here are the links to his stories.

Good Times Create Weak People

by Chris Black Admittedly, this is a cope. But there’s a difference between approval, advocacy, and practice. Most regular people in America have a live and let live attitude. Unfortunately,

It takes effort to create a zombie economy.

It takes effort to create a zombie economy. — Sven Henrich (@NorthmanTrader) July 12, 2021 S&P EARNINGS, VALUATION, YIELDS & PERFORMANCE 📈📊 — Win Smart, CFA (@WinfieldSmart) July