Dutch startup has been using the body heat of volunteers to mine cryptocurrencies in a project reminiscent of The Matrix

The Institute of Human Obsolescence (IoHO), a business venture based in The Hague, Netherlands, since 2015 has utilized specially-designed bodysuits to turn excess body heat into digital currency. MORE: thenextweb.com/cryptocurrency/2017/12/12/startup-uses-body-heat-to-mine-crypto-for-when-robots-take-jobs/

In Global Warming News: Coastal South hit with most snow in nearly 3 decades… Dutch climate priests now say that sea level ISN'T rising (oh really?) because the FLOOR of the sea is FALLING.

More snow = global warming. Also, less snow = global warming.   SAVANNAH, Ga. — A brutal winter storm smacked the coastal Southeast with a rare blast of snow and … Read more