Powells claiming Repo intervention is not easing. Hes lying. JP Morgan left the market b/c such bad returns. That sent overnight rates soaring. If Fed hadn’t intervened, banks would have raised bank deposit rates to fund themselves. People would sell stocks and put it in banks.

Well said. The other key driver is the massive treasury paper being floated – they have finally reached what they called in the 80s "crowdout". The system canto absorb the … Read more

Those Missing Trillions, and the Fed: The GAO report on the Fed’s Quantitative Easing uncovered a secret $16 trillion feeding tube structured as revolving, low-cost loans to any bank (foreign or domestic) teetering on the edge. The loans started in December 2007 and lasted until at least July 2010.

by axolotl_peyotl While some are turned off by this type of conspiratorial financial jargon, this type of story honestly hits at the heart of the corruption and the wheelings and … Read more