“Coronavirus epidemic poses existential threat to small businesses in China. Mass job losses loom: 10% of Chinese firms they surveyed were “on the verge of death”, with 30% planning job cuts and another 30% saying they could not pay their employees on time”

by cbus20122 www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/3050510/coronavirus-chinas-fear-mass-job-losses-looms-large-covid-19 Just your daily reminder that this is not the flu, sars, ebola, or really anything else we’ve seen in our lifetimes. At the risk of beating a dead horse

Whole Foods’ Existential Threat?

“Amazon’s plunge into the $800 billion US grocery industry posed an existential threat to rivals”: CNN, August 2018. So let’s see. By John E. McNellis, Principal at McNellis Partners, for The Registry: