The FBI just released a Fusion GPS document dump. Included in the dump was a subpoena from Special Council Bob “Not Muh Purview” Mueller. Mueller testified under oath to not know what Fusion GPS is. Mueller committed perjury.

by OFFICIAL_CNN_REDDIT Jim Jordan! We need someone in the House to file a complaint with the DOJ to get an investigation under standard DOJ policy! Boom: “I- I- I- I’m not … Read more

Massachusetts Institute of Technology have finally cracked the code for nuclear fusion reactions.

This will change Humanity. We should have the government speed this up with funding. Commonwealth Fusion expects to have its smallest possible reactor built by 2025 thanks to the … Read more

Trump Scares Swamp with Declassification Move; Ohr-Fusion GPS caught deleting emails; and yet ANOTHER Clinton email cover-up….Latest Judicial Watch Update

by TFittonJW Big Update from Judicial Watch: And huge presidential retweets: BIG: @realDonaldTrump authorizes AG Barr to declassify #Spygate docs from all agencies! Coming up! — … Read more