The Unsexy Truth About Millennials: They’re Poor — If you’re wondering why millennials don’t have much sex, and don’t buy cars, forget social theorizing: the harsh truth lies in their near-empty wallets.

Millenials are the most screwed over generation in America today. As a millenial myself, I can tell you that it has not been pleasant so far. That’s why it’s incredibly … Read more

Foreign Aid – Taking Money From Poor People In Rich Countries And Giving It To Rich People In Poor Countries

Sauce article: Add 26 billion or so for Mexico to reflect the cash transfers from the US. Now imagine how that map looks. US freezes Palestinian refugee aid funds … Read more

Hillary Clinton's Friend & Delegate Corrine Brown Accused of Living Large on Charity Funds Which Meant to Help Poor Children with Scholarships, May Get 357 Years In Prison

Bloomberg reports: Prosecutors in Florida have told jurors a former congresswoman financed a lavish lifestyle of Beverly Hills shopping trips and fancy parties on donations to a charity ostensibly set … Read more