MARC THIESSEN: The NYT Kavanaugh Smear Shows Why the Press is the Least-Trusted Institution in America… THE GUILD PROTECTS ITS OWN: Blackout: ABC, NBC Ignore Pro-Kavanaugh Bombshell; CBS Gives Scant 36 Seconds.

via washingtonpost: A Columbia Journalism Review poll released this year found that half of all Americans have “hardly any confidence at all” in the media, which beat out even Congress as … Read more

“TERRIFIED!” he said… On September 10, 2001 Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld held a press conference to reveal that $2.3 TRILLION dollars had gone missing and that he was terrified by the possible implications. And the next day… everyone forgot.

And it just so happened that the DOD accounting office situated at the Pentagon that had all the files about that missing $2.3 TRILLION was the exact spot where the … Read more