Microsoft reportedly bans its employees from using Slack for security reasons and encourages them to to use the Microsoft Teams app instead Microsoft does not allow its employees to use Slack, GeekWire’s Nat Levy and Todd Bishop reported, citing an internal document. While Microsoft has a rival workplace chat app, Microsoft … Read more

Here’s who gets rich from Slack’s market debut (CNBC)

Biggest Slack shareholders Stakeholder//Shares owned//Percent of ownership//Value of Stake at $26 per share share Accel//119,928,410//24%//$3,118,138,660 Andreessen Horowitz//66,523,324//13%//$1,729,606,424 Social Capital//50,853,362//10//%$1,322,187,412 Stewart Butterfield//41,619,937//8%//$1,082,118,362 SoftBank//36,611,744//7%//$951,905,344 Cal Henderson//16,604,503//3%//$431,717,078     AC