NewT Gingrich on FOX/RIOTS: “The #1 problem in these cities is George Soros elected left wing, anti police, pro criminal district attorneys who refuse to keep these criminals locked up”… FOX NEWS Panel PANICS, Cuts Feed

Crazy. Holy Crap are you kidding me! Don’t bring Soros name into it- He paid for it! FOX you are killing me today! WTH #TheMoreYouKnow — Karli 🇺🇸

List of DAs who have received Soros donations.

by Smubbs Definitely not a complete list. A Soros PAC spent $750k supporting a State Attorney candidate that lost the Dem nomination in Broward this month.

Why Soros Just Called The Market A Bubble

Authored by Lance Roberts via, In a previous post entitled “Market Bubbles,” I touched on George Soros’ “theory of reflexivity.” Interestingly, MarketWatch discussed with George why he no longer participates in the “bubble.” The foundation of his