Why No Delta In Sweden?

by Jim Quinn Surely CNN and MSNBC will be leading with this wonderful news from Sweden. Shouldn’t Fauci be proclaiming what a great job Sweden did with no lockdowns, no

Sweden stops using pcr-test for diagnosis of covid 19!

stuartbramhall.wordpress.com/2021/05/08/sweden-stops-pcr-tests-as-covid19-diagnosis/ here is from the Swedish government themselves: www.folkhalsomyndigheten.se/publicerat-material/publikationsarkiv/v/vagledning-om-kriterier-for-bedomning-av-smittfrihet-vid-covid-19/ they say since the test does not tell if you have covid or not, it’s useless for detecting covid.   AC

Sweden has just doomed itself

Backstabbing centrist parties have given Sweden’s socialist prime minister four more years of rule and agreed to an increase in mass migration.   Goodbye, Sweden. Imagine politically maneuvering for your