America is only one step away from socialist tyranny: Speech is censored. Media is propaganda. Schools are only indoctrination. Governments become dictators. Courts are corrupt. Law enforcement protects criminals.

by BigGuyAndSmallGuy speech censored… check Media propagandized crap… check Schools… check Government… Check Courts… check … … DEFUND HIGHER EDUCATION: How the ‘Defund Police’ movement started on college campuses. Pretty sure that

The New Tyranny Few Even Recognize

by Charles Hugh-Smith Clearly, the Fed reckons the public is foolish enough to believe the Fed’s money will actually be “free.” It’s pretty much universally recognized that authorities use crises

Here Comes The Next Round Of Tyranny: Big Pharma

by Dave Kranzler of Investment Research Dynamics “The unsustainable will not be sustained, except through ever-increasing force and fraud.” –   “Jesse,”  Jesse’s Cafe Americain Here come the greed-head Vax’ers. We know after many decades that