FITTON: HUGE Update: President Trump Vindicated and Hillary Clinton Implicated. SpyGate CONFIRMED–& Smoking Gun Clinton Email Cover-Up Docs. PLUS Fed helping illegal aliens send billions to Mexico.

by TFittonJW This a high energy Judicial Watch Update:      

BUSTED! Jussie Smollett Update: ‘Empire’ Actor Indicted On 16 FELONY Counts By Chicago Grand Jury… Daily Wire tweets, the Smollett case isn’t over yet: “We are still waiting on the Feds to conclude their investigation.”

via abc7ny: CHICAGO — A Cook County grand jury has returned a 16-count indictment against “Empire” actor Jussie Smollett. The Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office confirmed the indictment, which they said … Read more

FITTON:MASSIVE Update: Lawsuit to Expose Coup Against President Trump, Another FBI Cover-up of potential Clinton email crimes, CA Cleaning Up Dirty Voting Lists…

by TFittonJW Blowing up the lies: