Americas lobby is 3.6 billion a year. That's 6.7 million per 535 members of Congress. Money means America is a corporatocracy not a democracy. This means all wars to spread democracy are a farce.

Something is out of balance in Washington. Corporations now spend about $2.6 billion a year on reported lobbying expenditures—more than the $2 billion we spend to fund the House ($1.18 … Read more

Stocks Are Suddenly Tanking… Weak-Dollar outflows? Trade Wars? Or Pension-fund outflows? Take your pick, but stocks are getting slammed…

Weak-Dollar outflows? Trade Wars? Or Pension-fund outflows? Take your pick, but stocks are getting slammed… The weakness seemed to start around Wilbur Ross’ comments on China’s “Direct Threat” but has extended as Pension … Read more