Trade deal news, apparently western media got the translation wrong

There is only one acceptable gif in this situation 😬 — Dr. Chris Dark (@Darky999) November 7, 2019 Bloomberg将個消息翻譯成達成協議!真係笑死人!其實同環球時報編輯胡錫進兩晚前講嘅嘢一模一樣! — Simon Ting (@simonting) November 7, 2019 🇺🇸🇨🇳 CAUTION!! Henry … Read more

JOEL KOTKIN: Elites Against Western Civilization: Teaching youth that there is nothing good about our democratic cultural inheritance, the intellectual class is working to discredit our past and demolish our future.

via city-journal: The intellectual class across the West—encompassing its universities, media, and arts—is striving to dismantle the values that paced its ascendancy. Europe, the source of Western civilization, now faces a … Read more

Massive heat waves, Western USA, India, etc

Folks in the western U.S. are sweltering under an unusually intense June heat wave, with temperatures soaring to near-record highs from Oregon to Arizona. Massive heat wave India … Read more