Yahoo, AOL, and Gmail are caught red-handed trying to influence the 2018 election. “One Test, In Florida, 100% of Republican Rick Scott’s emails went to spam in Yahoo, while 100% of his Democratic opponent Bill Nelson’s emails went to our Yahoo inbox.”

via imge: Is the world of email biased against conservatives? Many partisans often mutter such an accusation against Silicon Valley. Yet, few digital professionals take the time to investigate whether such

MASSIVE Discrepancy Between Google and Yahoo on Enbridge P/E Ratio

This is unbelievable: For the exact same stock… Yahoo says 28.49 P/E While Google says 168!….0……0.3cP3iTfa8IY#scso=_11CyW6Ub6duPBLGqp7gF1:0     h/t JeremyJacobson