by Chris Black

Boycott any company that uses your reactions and emotions to sell a product: good, bad or indifferent.

The left and demons alike always double down, triple down and quadruple down.

They’ll continue to do this, as they can never admit that perhaps, for one second, they may have been wrong.

A leftard will never admit such things, as keeping the fantasy alive is of upmost importance, since that’s what makes their entire identity.

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It’s not only sad, but it’s quite pathetic that society gives this capability to people from all walks of life, even to the top of the hierarchy of companies without any recourse until it’s too late.

At the end of the day, I truly hope it was worth it to these people.

With their woke agenda, that has proven time and time again to fall flat, sometimes even resulting in a business’s ultimate ruin and along with it the jobs of all the minorities they desperately protect, only to do only the opposite.

I’m here for it though, glad to see it and hope it continues happening.

Americans need hard and difficult times, life has been too easy, money has been too easy and hard times are what’s needed.


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