Target Loses $10B in 10 Days After Selling LGBT Merchandise to Babies

by Chris Black

This really boggles the mind.

I mean, Target, a multi-billion dollar company is so woke that it’s supporting homosexual babies now?

If you don’t understand how f*cked up this is, here’s the deal: 

Homosexuality is defined by anal sex with men. This is why they are “gay” – because they engage in anal sex with men. 

They can call this “love,” but it is not love, it is the most disgusting and depraved of all possible human actions.

If you are putting a gay shirt on an infant, you are saying that the infant is gay.

It is exactly what it looks like it is.

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I mean, come on, man…


New York Post:

Target has lost $10 billion in market valuation over the last 10 days as the popular retailer continues to face backlash over its Pride-themed clothing line for children.

A week ago Wednesday, Target enjoyed its stock value at $160.96 a share, but following the calls to boycott the Minneapolis-based retailer over its “PRIDE” collection, the value plummeted and closed Friday at $138.93 a share.

The nearly 14% drop in value for the blue chip stock roughly translates to a $10.1 billion loss in valuation to just $64.2 billion for Target, which has nearly 2,000 stores nationwide.

The plummet stands as the retailer’s lowest stock price in nearly three years.

The last time the company saw a drop nearly this big came in 2022 after the stocks equalized following an unprecedented surge during the COVID pandemic.

Target, which has been caught in the middle of America’s culture wars over gender, moved its Pride section in some Southern stores away from the front last week after it said displays were knocked over by protesters, who also confronted workers.


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