Tax hikes force billionaires to leave NYC, dropping it to 2nd on latest Forbes list

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The Big Apple has taken a back seat to Beijing as the world’s billionaire capital, and that’s before a new state tax hike possibly pushes more fat cats to leave.

The Chinese capital has exactly one more billionaire than Gotham, 100 to 99, according to Forbes’ recently released list.

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The number of billionaires worldwide increased 32 percent to 2,755, or 660 more than a year ago, as many cashed in on a surging stock market. Beijing saw an uptick of 33 billionaires during the worldwide COVID catastrophe that began in China, while NYC’s roster increased by only seven.

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“I personally know countless millionaires and billionaires who have left,” said Ronn Torossian, founder and CEO of 5W Public Relations, who is considering moving and relocating his 200 employees from Manhattan to Miami.


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