Teachers Union Boss Posts Group Photo From a Restaurant While Pushing To Keep Classrooms Closed

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten is making waves for her top-notch hypocrisy after posting a photo of herself sitting indoors at a restaurant – while still pushing to keep schools closed to millions of American public school students.

“So great to finish the day in New Mexico with our great leaders,” Weingarten posted on Twitter late Thursday, along with a photo of herself sitting with a group of half a dozen masked people at a table in an indoor restaurant – where they presumably removed their masks when eating and drinking.


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Chicago Teachers Union blocks reopening… again.

After months of battles between the Chicago Public Schools district (CPS) and the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU), as well as the municipal government, high schools in the Windy City are set to reopen for in-person classes on April 19th. (Most K-8 schools have at least partially reopened at this point.) Or at least they were. With the reopening already announced and emails going out to families explaining the details, the situation looked largely resolved at last. But that’s when CTU President Jesse Sharkey stepped in yet again to try to slam the brakes on the process, in what CBS News described as a “snag” in the negotiations. He’s citing rising numbers of new COVID cases in the city and positive test results in some of the schools that have already reopened as the reason for yet another delay. And, as usual, the CTU has its usual set of demands to be met before the high school teachers will return to do their jobs. (CBS Chicago)

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