Ted Cruz Worried that Democrats Will Engender Government Shutdown

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Less than 24 hours ago, former Presidential candidate Ted Cruz spoke out on his fears that the “Democratic radical left” will be responsible for the shutdown of government in the near future. His concern stems from the upcoming ten day deadline in which Congress has to decide whether or not to pass a spending bill. Cruz vehemently stated his opposition to a shutdown, noting his beliefs that Schumer and other Democrats will do everything in their power to trigger the (temporary) closure of government.


Interestingly enough, Cruz himself was directly responsible for the government shutdown that occurred four years ago. It lasted 16 days and was generated by Republican’s failure to defund Obamacare. Critics admonished Cruz for participating in the shutdown while lacking a concrete alternative and a plan to persuade the Obama administration on the matter. Yet again, both Republicans and Democrats demonstrate their willingness to engender failure instead of eliminating the pointless gridlock and seeking out compromise. Ego has no place when making choices that will have a national impact. Everyone in Washington wants it to be their way or no way. This mentality breeds hostility and regression as opposed to fruitful changes and the successful passing of bills.

The Trump administration made their views on the spending bill very clear. Their objective is for lawmakers to read and approve their policies. These policies include the funding of the Southern border wall, a border tax adjustment, and more. As usual, the passing of this legislation will require support from Democrats in Washington. Whether or not Republicans and Democrats will choose to join forces as a means of progression remains to be seen. If the two Parties eliminate the gridlock and unify, the shutdown of government will be nonexistent.