Terrorist Attack in Quebec: Six Dead in Mosque Shooting

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by Amna El Tawil
Terrorism has no religion, although most people tend to think otherwise. The statement proved to be correct when masked gunmen entered a Quebec City mosque during Sunday night prayers, killed six, and wounded eight people.
The Reuters reports that two suspects had been arrested, but gave no details about them or what prompted the attack. Initially, the mosque president said five people were killed and a witness said up to three gunmen had fired on about 40 people inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Centre. Police said only two people were involved in the attack.

Quebec provincial police spokeswoman Christine Coulombe told reporters: “Six people are confirmed dead – they range in age from 35 to about 70, eight people were wounded and 39 were unharmed.”
The mosque’s president, Mohamed Yangui, who was not inside when the shooting occurred, said he got frantic calls from people at evening prayers.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement: “We condemn this terrorist attack on Muslims in a center of worship and refuge”.
“Muslim-Canadians are an important part of our national fabric, and these senseless acts have no place in our communities, cities, and country.”
The shooting came on the weekend that Trudeau said Canada would welcome refugees after U.S. President Donald Trump suspended the U.S. refugee program and temporarily barred citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries from entering the United States on national security grounds.
A Canadian federal Liberal legislator, Greg Fergus, tweeted: “This is an act of terrorism — the result of years of sermonizing Muslims. Words matter and hateful speeches have consequences!”

The premier of Quebec province, Philippe Couillard, said security would be increased at mosques in Quebec City and Montreal.
Mass shootings are rare in Canada, which has stricter gun laws than the United States, and news of the shooting sent a shockwave through mosques and community centers throughout the mostly French-language province.
Ever since Donald Trump introduced the Muslim ban, hate crimes towards Muslims only exaggerated in Northern America including Texas mosque fire.
Justin Trudeau categorized the shooting as a terrorist attack. Contrary to the popular belief that terrorist attacks are only committed by Muslims, terrorism is defined as any attack carried out with the purpose to endanger someone’s safety due to political reasons.



(Photo credit: Screenshot/Justin Trudeau’s statement)

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