Tesla delivery horror stories keep coming in

From ZeroHedge:

In keeping with their scheme business model of having the cart well in front of the horse, Tesla has just announced that they’re going to begin taking orders for the Model 3 in China. But as a New York Times expose recently pointed out, many of those who ordered Model 3s in the United States – like 44 year old Jim Fyfe – are still being rope-a-doped, misled and confused (if not outright deceived) when it comes to taking delivery of their new cars. For traditional automakers, such behavior would be embarrassing and totally unacceptable. For Tesla, it just seems to be one more thing that the company, stockholders, the Board and cultists customers have no problem tolerating.

Fyfe put down a $2500 deposit in June to order a $70,000 black performance Model 3. He was given a delivery day in early September, but when he tried to go get his car he was told by the company that it was still in California. Two more weeks went by without an update from the company, so he took the initiative and called the delivery center, who then told him his vehicle had been involved in an accident during transit.

A couple of days later, he asked for his money back, but instead was told by the company that they had another vehicle for him. Delivery for the second vehicle was said to be on October 27, but Fyfe received a phone call on his way to pick it up and was told that his second vehicle was also involved in an accident during transit, in a truly remarkable coincidence…

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