Tesla is asking employees to volunteer and help deliver 30,000 cars before the end of the quarter

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by mdcd4u2c



Edit: Automod said to include some information, not sure if I need to include a synopsis, but basically the article is going into detail about what the headline makes pretty clear. After the store closings, non store closings, layoffs, and recent bond payments, this looks like another piece of evidence for Tesla running out of cash.

Kind of a shame too, I love Elon Musk as a visionary and I think his companies are overall doing good things for the human race and the planet. Unfortunately, that alone doesn’t pay your creditors. I wish they would have taken things slower and kept their focus on the luxury market until they were really ready to attack the mass market, or maybe do some kind of incremental or regional releases until they can scale properly.

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Edit 2: A family member is a contractor for Tesla and hasn’t received this email so it must be strictly to payroll employees. Waiting to hear back from him to see if “volunteer” means you still get paid normal wages but move over to deliveries temporarily, or if it means work for free.


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