Tesla Stock Split Conspiracy Theory

by big663

I don’t normally do threads like this, but I’m a big supporter of Elon Musk and I follow $TSLA stock closely. This is going to be a nerdy, conspiracy-theory type thread on Tesla, based on some recent hints from Elon himself. Take it for what you will; I just think it’s fun.

Truth or fiction, it’s still interesting to analyze, and I did happen to stumble upon a connection that seems beyond coincidence — something which to my knowledge no one else has picked up on. That made it worth writing about. We’ll save that bit for last.

So, Elon is known for leaving breadcrumbs, which are usually only evident in retrospect. A great example is this now-famous tweet: You’ll notice that his tweet was sent at 8:11 PST; a stock split was then announced on August 11th (8/11).

stock price too high tweet

There are more examples, but this thread deals with the current speculation over another upcoming $TSLA split. Why the speculation? Well, Tesla’s price is nearing the same levels as when the previous split was announced; that alone is enough to fuel some healthy speculation.

More interestingly, Elon seems to have been dropping some of his famous hints here and there about when the split might occur. This hypothetical date is 12/09/21, and some speculators think it will be a 5:1 split, as was the previous split.

Now, most of this speculation is tongue-in-cheek. Just us $TSLA fans having fun more or less. Consider this, for example: “129 orbital flights” — an oddly specific milestone — which some believe hints at the 12/9 date. Eh. Not super convincing.

falcon 9 milestone tweet

Or this, from @garyblack00. “12 million pounds of thrust.” Gary noted that there are 9 middle thrusters. Again, 12/9 appears. And Elon Musk’s tweet was sent at 10:20 PST. 10:2, reducible to 5:1. Nothing too firm; maybe just fueling the fire a little.

gary black noting the raptor engines

coincidences? Maybe. But this is where it’s gonna start to get weird. @garyblack00 noticed an oddity in his excellent research and analysis.

gary analysing stock sale

Of all the random blocks of stock Elon has been selling in various amounts, one very specific number has appeared 3 times (so far): 934,091 shares. At first glance, nothing seems too special about this number. But, knowing Elon, it just seems too specific to be random.

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It took me about 5 minutes before I saw it, and I cannot possibly imagine how all this is a coincidence. (I also cannot imagine how he reverse engineered this, so there’s that too.) Anyway, here we go. Nerd stuff only from here on out. You’ve been warned

We’ve established that Elon has been (somewhat) planting the 12/9 number in our heads, leading many to speculate on a 12/09/21 split. Then this 934,091 number starts appearing. Could they be connected? What follows is complete lunacy, but it’s too perfect not to lay it out.

12/09/2021 can be written as the number 12,092,021. Let’s divide that by his “random” recurring sale number, 934,091. The result? 12.9 Sound familiar?

But an iPhone calculator gives 6 decimal places by default, so the full number you see is 12.945228. We’ve already got 12.9. But what happens if we add up the remaining decimals? 4+5+2+2+8 = (drumroll) 21. –> 12.9.21

Crazy? We’ve barely even started. The iPhone shows 6 decimal places by default, but the full iPhone result is: 12.94522803452769. What if we add *all* the numbers after the 12.9? This is tricky because we have a zero — so are we adding 8 + 0, or 80? Elon may have answered.

In a recent discussion about the concept of zero, Elon wrote “Nothing matters” — “nothing” here referring to zero, in that it *does* matter — i.e, include it in the number to get 80. He then followed it up with this:

elon’s tweet on zero being a cool concept

(It’s worth noting that Elon’s above tweet was sent at 11:34; I mention it because if you return to our full number — 12.94522803452769 — you’ll notice a 34 immediately after the zero in question.) Not convinced? Think I’m stretching? Read on.

Go ahead and grant me this “zero matters” thing and let’s add up all the numbers in 12.94522803452769, after the 12.9. 4+5+2+2+80+3+4+5+2+7+6+9 = ? 129.

Believe it or not, we are still not done. In true @elonmusk fashion, he has personally signed this amazing work of art. Let’s add up all the single numbers in 12.94522803452769, just to see what we get. 1+2+9+4+5+2+2+8+0+3+4+5+2+7+6+9 = ? 69.

One obvious thing I left out that I’d like to add here — I have no idea if this means a split is happening on 12/9. Elon could just as easily be trolling; I’m making no predictions here. I just find it incredible that this much detail, planning, and genius went into this.

-Rob Graves

Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence or consult your financial professional before making any investment decision.


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