Teslaphoresis: Rice University Promo Vid Admits Secrecy in NANO WORM development. Shows You What THE NANO WORMS are!

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Introducing Teslaphoresis…

The nano strands (worms) you’re seeing in the mask test videos are right here…Nikola Tesla inspired self construction of wiring systems with electric triggering. Mentioned in this three minute promo vid:

-that a primary intended use is BIOMEDICAL ENGINEERING
-that this was developed in secret at Rice University

Those who are taking the swabs or using the cloth masks are ingesting these strands…which appear to have the purpose of forming activated wiring systems within the human body that can be controlled and used by external sources from a distance- obviously in conjunction with 5G+.

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Surely luciferase is connected to these strands…



h/t SentientTransient

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