Testimony Every Veteran, Soldier, & American Should Hear Showing DOJ Failure

by Thinker

The awakening of the people has begun, and its important for “ALL” to know the “TRUTH” and the words of those who stand for the American people, and those who will “LIE” to have the citizens believe what is chosen. Donald Trump has given the White House back to the people, and its important for all to know and be part of the decisions with their voice. One man in Washington D.C. was sharing his voice and information to the Veterans, Soldiers, and American people way before Donald Trump. Not many heard his voice, the hearings, or the failure of justice to protect the interest of the people. No one heard the evidence that showed those who conspired to conceal evidence and yet justice never came, even with damning evidence…

Who wants to impeach Donald Trump???

Those who don’t want to disclose the “TRUTH,” because they “DO” have something to hide!!!

For the American people, now more than ever they are being presented with the most transparency that has come from a presidential administration in the history of the United States. The more Donald Trump calls out the liars, fake news, and exposes those who conspire against him and the citizens of the country, the louder the cries of the guilty get to impeach him. How many investigations have already begun on the loudest voices and those who have encouraged the people to commit crimes???

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What is the POTUS going to find in the history of those who have called for his impeachment???