Texas Bill HB 39 To Ban Forced Vaccinations For Employees

If this bill passes….It will be a mass Exodus to The Lone Star State!!!

(Activist Post) Congressman Steve Toth has authored HB 39. The bill, which is currently in Committee and yet to make it to the floor of the Texas State legislature for voting, would ban non-governmental employers from requiring their employees to take any vaccinations, injections, or immunizations as a condition of retaining employment. Therefore, employers won’t be legally able to fire employees who refuse to receive any vaccinations, like the COVID-19 one, other injections, or immunizations. Currently, the laws in Texas (TX), in addition to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order (EO), prohibit any business from denying service to customers who refuse vaccinations, injections, or any similar immunizations; the TX laws and Abbott’s EOs also prohibit state and local government agencies from denying employment or firing employees who refuse the vaccinations and immunizations. Right now, no such laws prohibit such vaccine (or injection) passports for non-governmental employers, but HB 39 would change that, if it gets passed in the state legislature and signed into law by governor Abbott.

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