Texas Nearly Went Dark Because Officials Misjudged Weather (we are talking this week..like just a couple of days ago)

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(Bloomberg) — Texas came uncomfortably close to another round of rolling blackouts Tuesday night because grid operators misjudged the weather.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas, which manages most of the state’s grid, had counted on a mild cold front sweeping the state, lowering demand for power. It didn’t happen. As a result, demand on the grid was about 3,000 megawatts higher than anticipated — or the equivalent of 600,000 homes.

The forecasting error, coming as 25% of power generation was off line for seasonal repairs, was another grim reminder of the vulnerability of Texas’s grid. Two months ago, a deep winter freeze knocked out almost half the state’s generating capacity, leaving millions of people in the dark for days. But Tuesday’s weather was hardly extreme, and the close call has raised questions about whether the grid operator, known as Ercot, can prevent a repeat of the February energy crisis.


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You have got to be kidding. What is wrong with ERCOT?

This is so wrong on many levels.

I swear, this smells like sabotage. This really feels like a deliberate scheme of some sort.

There is no way in hell this would/could occur without a load of BS and some folks doing some stuff they shouldn’t be doing.

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We need a good hound dog to root out the mole in all of this crap.

Right now is about the lowest warm temps we will be having for spring/summer. It could easily hit the triple digits and does during summer.

So if ERCOT can’t handle/manage normal how are they going to handle really hot like scorching hot lllike 115 temps?

I swear, everybody with ERCOT should be replaced. They are running some kind of scam/game.


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