Texas running out of food. Biden’s promised Dark winter is here.

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Storm info for the beginning of the day on Wednesday Feb 17

Customers Power Out (not people – customers)
Texas 2,777,129
Oklahoma 12
Arkansas 465
Louisiana 45,849
Missouri 237
Kansas 17
Kentucky 102,590

No other state appears to have had the electrical distribution system collapse that Texas has had. With the other states with higher numbers, which are at worst less than 5% of what Texas is experiencing, those power outages appear to related almost exclusively to power lines being taken out by ice covered trees. Oklahoma, right next door to Texas and on the Eastern US Grid, is only showing 12 customers out of power.

Texas’s power problem seems to almost exclusively caused by a generating system collapse.


SALENA ZITO: Texas grid trouble offers warnings about Biden’s anti-energy policies.

The images of frozen wind turbines and solar panels brought to life how one of the most independent and powerful energy states in the country could fall to its knees when snow, ice, and frigid temperatures battered its power grid.

It was imagery that tells a cautionary tale of what the future in this country could look like if the Biden administration continues its dismantling of fossil fuel and related infrastructure industries. In short, what happened in Texas could happen anywhere, whether under the strain of a winter storm in Texas and Oklahoma or a heat wave in California.

To be fair, pumps and turbines also froze. This was an unprecedented winter storm for Texas. But yeah, all the green BS will make it worse. And, in fact, already has.

Americans used to not tolerate stuff like that. And still shouldn’t.



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