"Texas sets early voting record in non-presidential year" — Democrats are throwing everything they can into making their fake 'blue wave' a reality.

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Texans have set a record for early voting in a non-presidential primary election year, the Laredo Morning Times reported Friday. 

More than 602,000 voters have cast ballots in the largest counties through Wednesday. That total includes votes cast in both Democratic and Republican primaries, with more ballots cast buy Democrats than Republicans.

It does not count ballots that were cast on Thursday or Friday, the last day of voting. 

It’s the first time in a decade, when Barack Obama was battling Hillary Clinton in a presidential primary, that Texas Democrats have seen the largest turnout in a primary. 

Democrats have outvoted Republicans by more than 25,000 ballots since early voting began on Feb. 20. 

For the last two gubernatorial election cycles, Republicans surpassed Democrats in the primaries by over 100,000 votes each year, the Laredo Morning Times reported. 


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