THAILAND maps nCoV genome, finds that the virus is EVOLVING already

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While many medical experts are denying that the new 2019n-CoV coronavirus has mutated or can mutate, a new meta-analysis based on a detailed study of all known genomes sequenced from samples collated from all infected patients from around the world have revealed a disturbing fact that many medical experts and health organizations are refusing to make known to the public, the coronavirus has a new subtype that has emerged since its first debut in December 2019.

This has various implications and also confirm that the coronavirus is indeed evolving and mutating and that too at a fast rate considering that its only about 4 weeks or so since the first genome was sequenced, that already a subtype is gradually emerging.

The detailed genome study identified for the first time a hyper-variable hotspot in the virus proteins, eventually pinpointing two virus subtypes. The latter differ only by a single amino acid, which is able to change the sequence and the structure of ORF8-encoded protein, a virus component yet to be characterized.

The study is already published in the Journal of Medical Virology and we at Thailand Medical news would like to see which medical ‘experts’ or health organizations would disputes this claim.(though they will just merely avoid talking about it)

This largest analysis of coronavirus 2019-nCoV genomes that have been sequenced so far also confirms that the virus originates in bats and shows a low virus heterogeneity.

The leading author of this study, is Dr Federico M. Giorgi, bioinformatics researcher at the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology of the University of Bologna.

This recent study analyzed the genomes of the 56 coronavirus strains sequenced in different parts of the world, including those extracted from the two Chinese patients held at the Infectious Disease Ward of Lazzaro Spallanzani Hospital in Rome, Italy.


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