Thank You, Guys!

Sharing is Caring!

We have been receiving your donations,  and we want to sincerely thank you. These generous donations will help us pay for our new system.   As we told you, it has been more expensive to upgrade than we thought.

I hope you guys are pleased with the upgrade.  IWB is faster and better than it has ever been, and this is what we wanted you to experience here.

We want to ask that you please  make suggestions as to how we can continue to improve.

I want to again tell you how much our discussions mean to me.  When we come together to share in the comments sections, it gives me strength and the motivation to cover stories that do give me pause.

Yet, these stories are the ones which need to be covered.

These are the ones that we need to understand, as they are shaping our futures.

Thank you again, IWB family – you are not taken for granted.


Ruby Henley


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