Thanks to “deep state” Homeless Crisis Getting Worse in Richest Cities in America

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by Thinker

Why are there so many homeless Americans??? If you look at history and go all the way back to the beginning of the Hollywood for president Reagan era, history tells the whole story of how the White House became an illusion of liberty, justice, and freedom. Republican and Democrat alike took turns robbing the people and pushing the “deep state rule of law” obey or be destroyed. How many does history show “deep state” destruction and the theft of what rightfully belongs to the people???

While there are millions of jobless, homeless Americans in the streets, the dual citizen/politicians of the U.S. have made sure to take care of what they deem is the most important state in the world…


Thanks to the past presidential administrations, Israel has become one of the greatest states in the world. With the Obama/Clinton administration Israel recieved a gift of aid from the American people of $31 billion dollars. Why wasn’t that money spent for the Veterans and homeless of America??? Because dual citizen/politicians in the U.S. are partial to their birth place and home of their ancestors. Are the dual citizens/politicians in the U.S. putting Israel in front of the American people??? Are the dual citizens/politicians of the U.S. putting illegal immigrants in front of the American people???

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Does it benefit a nation/government to have citizens/politicians who do not commit 100% to the city, town, village, state, nation they govern???

Why are there so many homeless people/Veterans in the United States??? Who has stolen the billions of dollars that the U.S. treasury can’t find??? Who should be held accountable??? Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States is “Draining the Swamp” to find out and those who have a reason to hide the “TRUTH” are fighting him all the way. Like Obama said; “The only people who don’t want to disclose the “TRUTH” are people with something to hide.”

BLOOMBERG Reports/ BATTLE FOR WORLD – November 21, 2018: The articles highlights the story of L., a 57-year-old anthropology professor. It was just after 10 p.m. on an overcast September night in Los Angeles, and L. was tired from a long day of class prep, teaching, and grading papers; fed her Chihuahua-dachshund mix a freeze-dried chicken strip, swapped her cigarette trousers for stretchy black yoga pants, and began to unfold a set of white sheets and a beige cotton blanket to make up her bed. But first, she had to recline the passenger seat of her 2015 Nissan Leaf as far as it would go—that being her bed in the parking lot she had called home for almost three months.

Playing on her iPad The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as she drifted off for another night. “Like sleeping on an airplane—but not in first class,” she said. That was in part by design. “I don’t want to get more comfortable. I want to get out of here.” L., who asked to go by her middle initial for fear of losing her job, couldn’t afford her apartment rent earlier this year after failing to cobble together enough teaching assignments at two community colleges. By July she had exhausted her savings and turned to a local nonprofit called Safe Parking L.A., which outfits a handful of lots around the city with security guards, port-a-potties, Wi-Fi, and solar-powered electrical chargers.

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Sleeping in her car allowed her to save for a deposit on an apartment. On that night in late September, under basketball hoops owned by an Episcopal church in Koreatown, she was one of 16 people in 12 vehicles. Ten of them were female, two were children, and half were employed. The headline of the press release announcing the results of the county’s latest homeless census strikes a note of progress: “2018 Homeless Count Shows First Decrease in Four Years.” The homeless population is still high, at 52,765—up 47 percent from 2012.

Those who’d become homeless for the first time jumped:…lessCrisis


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