Biden’s $3 Trillion Infrastructure Spending Bill May Ignite The Debt Bomb.

With his proposed ‘infrastructure” bill, Biden will be asking for a smorgasbord of far-left policies, which at the very least will reduce our freedoms and move America closer to socialism. . Additionally, the new $3 trillion in spending is going to move the American economy closer to collapse. Today the national debt is at $28.1 trillion. Adding $4.9 trillion (the infrastructure bill along with the recently passed COVID bill) will increase that debt to $33 trillion, not including the rest of federal government deficit spending and unfunded liabilities such as Social Security and Medicare.Biden igniting the debt bomb

Is Biden pushing this new bill as an attempt to implement additional socialist policies, or is he trying to ignite the “debt bomb,” or both? A debt bomb happens when debt becomes so large it cannot be sustained, investors stop buying treasury notes,  and the economy collapses. The Biden Administration may be loaded with socialists, but they aren’t idiots. They must know that all their spending may lead to a collapsed economy. Perhaps they believe a debt bomb will make it easier to implement socialism.

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The only reason we don’t have a debt crisis right now is a combination of the Federal Reserve via quantitative easing — and other financial institutions and central banks globally that still buying treasuries.


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