THAT’S DISGRACEFUL!: Attention Southern Californians

On Friday, January 11th and Saturday, January 12th, the National Association of Scholars is sponsoring a conference entitled “Disgrace: Shame, Punishment and Redemption in American Higher Education” at Chapman University in Orange, California. The theme of the conference is as follows:

At this conference, the National Association of Scholars intends to discuss “disgrace” in two ways: disgrace as a tactic of the progressive left, and the real disgrace that falls on colleges and universities that countenance such tactics. These tactics include attempting to destroy people through false accusation loudly repeated, and to shame people into resignation while using success at this to intimidate everyone else into silent, self-censoring conformity.

The Keynote Speaker will be by Heather Mac Donald. Other speakers include Peter Wood, Jay Nordlinger, John Tooby, Daniel Sznycer, Darel E. Paul, Edward Erwin, John Beahrs, James E. Enstrom, Christine Rosen, Keith Whitaker, Mark Bauerlein, Bruce Gilley, Rachel Fulton Brown, Matt Peterson, and Helen Andrews.

I hope to be there. (I’m on the NAS Board of Directors.)

You should come too if you can. You can register here.



h/t GH