The 20 Most "Jaw-Dropping" Claims From Explosive New Trump Book

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Here’s 8 of the best! Enjoy!

First Lady Melania Trump openly wept on the night her husband won the election – and the tears ‘were not of joy’
Trump and Melania sleep in separate bedrooms and he demanded a lock on his bedroom door against the wishes of the Secret Service
Trump orders McDonald’s so he’s not poisoned, told staff not to touch his toothbrush and strips his own bedsheets
Trump regularly sits in bed eating a cheeseburger at 6.30pm while calling his friends and watching three TVs
Rupert Murdoch called Trump a ‘fucking idiot’ after a phone call and billionaire backer Tom Barrack said ‘he’s not only crazy, he’s stupid’
Trump’s aides say he doesn’t read and ‘for all practical purposes is no more than semi-literate’
Trump tells the same stories three times in ten minutes and forgot a succession of old friends’ names at a Mar-a-Lago party
Among his staff’s verdicts on him: ‘dope’, ‘dumb as shit’, ‘hopeless idiot’, ‘just a fucking fool’, ‘lost his mind’, ‘incapable of functioning in his job’

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