The Absurd Support of Israel

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by the-99th-monkey

Israel treats the Gaza Strip as an open air prison/concentration camp, and is accused of creating apartheid conditions by the UN, who has also past a resolution for nations to suspend ties with the state. Israel promotes doctrines that view black people as sub-human, controls the US and UK through lobbing and political agreements, and is working to criminalize any criticism or boycotting of them, while they are also continuously accused of illegal organ trafficking. Even more serious, Colin Powell has noted that Isreal illegally harbors at least 200 nuclear weapons — which are maintained as a deterrent and for The Samson Option.

Israel has major influence on the US’s foreign policy, a level of control former Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin said is specifically around the Middle East. This is disturbing when you compare the 1982 World Zionist Organization’s articlefor Israel’s strategy to become an imperial regional power, with the US’s interventionism since 9/11. Additionally it was a group of Israelis who were arrested following the 9/11 attacks with suspicious connections to the event. The notion of Israel’s involvement in 9/11 isn’t far fetched knowing they destroyed the USS Liberty, potentially to prevent it from gathering intel, and like the Lavon Affair, as a “false flag” to blame on Egypt. Israel also has been suspiciously tied to the assassination of JFK(pg.59).

See also  Joe Rogan — Homeless ‘crisis’ is a racket to support $250,000 salaries…
See also  Joe Rogan — Homeless ‘crisis’ is a racket to support $250,000 salaries…

Israel and America have an intimate relationship, but one Benjamin Netanyahu thinks [any pushback] can easily be maneuvered, and that Americans offer an absurd amount of support for Israel.




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