The actual State of the Union under Democrat control

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by TheRedpilling


SHOCKING! Yahoo News Fact Checks Biden’s SOTU Speech.

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SAY ANYTHING: Pelosi: You’re Too Dumb to Appreciate Joe Biden. “It doesn’t matter that inflation and high gas prices are killing your monthly budget, or that Joe Biden botched the withdrawal from Afghanistan and the nation’s response to COVID, or the border crisis. If all you see are things that he’s actually done, you can’t possibly know about the things he claims he’s done… which of course is all wonderful, historic, and perfect.”

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WHEN THEY’RE SAYING IT IN THE ATLANTIC: Good Luck Convincing Anyone That The Economy is Strong.

Biden’s presidential-approval ratings are more tightly correlated with consumer confidence than Trump’s or Obama’s, in part because of Democrats’ dissatisfaction with how things are going. The chaotic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Delta and Omicron coronavirus waves, the sputtering of the Democrats’ election-reform and social-infrastructure bills, and, perhaps most of all, the false assurance that inflation would be “temporary”—all of those factors led Democrats and moderates to turn on Biden. “There’s no way for Biden, and Democrats generally, to offer a counternarrative that’s going to be as attractive as the bad news,” Sides told me. “It’s been very hard for Democrats to feel optimistic.” . . .

Twenty bucks more on groceries, a hundred more on rent, a thousand more for a used car. Such price increases add up, and hit low-income families much, much harder than high-income ones. Bigger shares of poor families’ budgets go to necessities, and it is easier for the wealthy to trade down or comparison shop. (Switching out Whole Foods for Safeway is simple; switching out Family Dollar for anything cheaper is close to impossible.)


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