The Age-Old solution to Unpayable Entitlements Is…Drum Roll Please…INFLATION

by Chris Black

Inflation is also the solution to sovereign debt crises.

Contrary to this, the “ruling elite” want to impose deflation and economic collapse in order to permanently enslave the gоyim in their Great Reset New World Order where “You’ll Own Nothing, And Like It!”.

 Whether they get their way or not is an open question.

 It’s obvious that this pointless war with Russia is designed to collapse the economy of Europe, so as long as that war goes on one must assume the “ruling class” plan is still operational. 

But ultimately, the only sensible way out is massive inflation, of at least 30% per year. 

The government bureaus of statistical obfuscation will try to make that look more like 10% per year, but even today the official statistics understate inflation by half, and that jiggery-pokery is just going to get worse.

How, precisely, will this inflation be manufactured? It’s a good question. 

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Right now, the overwhelming majority of newly created dollars are lent into existence by commercial banks, but that mechanism has almost completely broken down in the aftermath of the 2008 monetary crisis. 

The elites are just fine with that, obviously, since it’s their intention to crash the global economy as part of their gоyim enslavement plan, but others might have different ideas. 

Things are going to get interesting in the next few years.

After 100 years the Hebrews are losing control of their thieving scheme they installed with The Federal Reserve. 

After stealing trillions, there just isn’t any juice left to squeeze. 

They either  let everything crash, or we hyper inflate. 

The last two years have seen inflation that the US has never experienced.

Real inflation in 2022 was 38% averaged across all sectors. 



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