The Alt-Left’s Jihad Against Trump And His Supporters – PLUS Facebook IS FAILING.

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by Ruby Henley

Facebook is failing, and I can’t say I am sorry about that.   Facebook’s security chief is leaving the company after clashes over Russian disinformation – so sad to hear.   However, karma will get you every time.

Facebook’s reaction to a year of scandal has gone from defensive cluelessness and aloof silence.   Users, or most of the users I know, don’t have a clue. But some users are getting the message that information they post on Facebook can be used in ways they did not intend, and usage is starting to decline.  I quit Facebook a long time ago, as they were censoring me then.

Meanwhile, executives are selling shares like crazy, including a plan by Mark Zuckerberg to sell almost $13 billion worth of shares by mid-2019.  So that is one big clue – get ready for a big Facebook fail. In reality, they have focused on destroying Alt-Right – now it is coming back to haunt them.

Speaking of “Alt-Right” – the “Alt-Left has accused us of labeling them “Alt-Left” – but in reality – they labeled themselves that.  I want to discuss an article which was written awhile back by Asra Nomani, a former Georgetown University professor, co-founder of the Muslim Reform Movement, and author of “Standing Alone: An American Woman’s Struggle for the Soul of Islam.”

Nomani’s recent column speaks to what the Alt-Right is currently suffering under the Alt-Left.  Nomani’s article, “The Alt-Left’s Cyber Jihad Against Trump and His Supporters,” is a groundbreaking piece which is a great truth of our time.  You may read the article at:

“Being a journalist, I believe in the power of words, and I also study propaganda. I feel like we’re in the middle of a fierce propaganda war,” Nomani said. “The one word that I think is important for everyone to know is ‘agitprop.’ It’s an old word for agitation propaganda. The concept of ‘alt-right’ is being used today as a way to try to immediately discredit folks. I thought to myself, ‘Well, what do we have happening on the Left?’”

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Nomani truly opens up about how she feels about being a life-long liberal, but she voted for Donald Trump for President.  Nomani came from India at the age of four and grew up in Morgantown, West Virginia, in a college town and absorbed all the strong liberal politics.

She speaks of her pain to see the great propaganda war the Liberals are fighting against the Conservatives.   Nomani recalled the impact of seeing Milo Yiannopoulos of “Breitbart News” under assault by the Left in Chicago and then again at U.C. Berkeley.

“I watched this happening on my TV screen, and I thought to myself, just like we do with anything in journalism, ‘Where did it begin?’” she recalled. “I had the good fortune to have met this really great cyber-sleuth named Eric Feinberg, who works out of New York City, and basically what we noticed was the hashtag that was being used to bring people to the streets there in Berkeley was hashtag #ShutDownMilo. And so what Eric did was track it, track the hashtag back to months before the actual protest happened against Milo, to a kind of odd website called”

This is really revealing and interesting, and it means so much to Alternative Media at this time. We need all the information we can get.

Nomani worked from that website to trace the outlines of a “far-left radical movement that is causing mayhem in our streets today.”

“I call it a cyber jihad because, as a Muslim, I’ve been well familiar with the agitation propaganda by my Muslim extremists,” she explained. “I see how what’s happening here is this very dangerous intersection – ‘intersection politics’ is such a popular word – between the far Left in America and the far Right in my Muslim community. That’s why I now see this as a cyber jihad that’s now trying to really claim America.”

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Those of us in Alt-Media already realize this, but it helps to have someone like Nomani to report it.  Nomani said it broke her heart to declare that America has become embroiled in a civil war, but she added, “There is an insurgency that’s trying to claim America from the far Left.”

“We have to have a balanced and rational response from all circles. And that’s what I just want to continue to appeal to people to be, is civil and human, remembering the humanity of each other – because where we see that lost from the far Left, we cannot replace it with inhumanity,” she said.

She is so right, but things have gotten so much worse since this article was published.


Moving back to Facebook, it is interesting to discover Zuckerberg appears to really not be serious about fighting fake news.  It is being reported from a major Facebook investor that Zuckerberg is insincere about fighting fake news.

McNamee, who co-founded the investment firm, Elevation Partners, has been increasingly critical of the tech giant in which he invested years ago. He seems to be angry, and investors get like that when they are losing, but he says CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his fellow executives should be called on their inability or unwillingness to fix the platform’s misinformation problem.


Facebook’s brand more damaged than the stock, says ex-Zuckerberg mentor from CNBC.


In conclusion,  I have more hope for Alternative Media after doing this report, and I hope you do, too.



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