The Amish Community Proves Global Covid-19 Hoax

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By Chris Black

The Amish do not fear COVID because they don’t watch TV.

You know the Amish, right? Nice people, don’t use cars, never vaccinate their children, the whole shebang. If you are to believe the mainstream media Big Pharma sponsored propaganda, they should all be dead by now. 

Dead from measles, covid, the flu, you name it. Why? Because they are not big on taking vaccines, drugs, health insurance, and they don’t give a shit about wearing masks, physical distancing and the rest of the nonsense. 

What they do is work outdoors a lot with their hands instead of binge-watching Netflix, eat healthy home grown food instead of GMOs and junk food, raise their children old-school, don’t smoke, don’t drink, never take hard drugs. You know, they are boring as hell.

And what do you know:

Amish community may have reached COVID ‘herd immunity,’ health official says

To tell you the truth, I don’t believe the mainstream media even if they claim the sky is blue. But this admission that the Amish reached herd immunity, even if covid is a 100 percent fabrication, is pretty interesting. Why?

The Amish story proves the disease does not exist and that community gatherings and throwing masks in the trash is 100% safe. They were not decimated by Covid, remember?

Basically, they gave the government the middle finger on lockdowns, restrictions, mask wearing, etc.  And they have done no worse in terms of deaths than the rest of us, minus the fear and hysteria and economic collapse.

For a bunch of pacifists, they’re hard as iron.

This also proves vaccinations do not provide immunity. 

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That is the big lie. 

Your body produces immunity from being exposed and defeating a disease if you live a healthy lifestyle, as opposed to breathing through a face diaper and staying indoors like a hamster in a cage, washing your hands maniacally with alcohol.

 You cannot have immunity unless you are exposed to the real pathogen. Ask the thousands of vaccinated children who get the measles every year if they were immune because of their shot.

Natural immunity is always better than immunity from a vaccine. That is because a vaccine is nothing but a primer. It is not the real disease. It is dead biological material bound with toxins. 

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A vaccine can only attempt to cause an immune reaction of the type that will fight the real disease when exposed. The problem is that the vaccine trains the immune system to think that the infection is easily defeated. When you are exposed to the actual pathogen, your immune system almost always overreacts. Plus, the vaccine may produce a reaction to fight a different variant, which will cause it to be ineffective.

The flu vaccine is 100% worthless. So are most other vaccines.

 The WHO changed the definition of herd immunity in order to provide cover for mandatory vaccinations. The original definition of herd immunity had nothing to do with vaccination.

When enough people have had a disease, the general population cannot transmit it anymore because a majority becomes immune naturally.

The WHO changed the ‘official’ definition last year.

 There is ZERO reason to vaccinate for a supposed disease with a 99.7% survival rate. The side effects of the vaccine will cause far more adverse health events than the supposed disease it is to prevent.

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The only vaccination worth anything would be one for a disease with a high fatality rate that you had a very good chance of being exposed to. Your risk of being exposed to alleged SARS-CoV-2 virus is near zero, with an incredibly low fatality rate.

 The 520k claimed dead from covid in the USA is a total lie. 

In the UK they announced that 48 people died from Covid. On the news broadcast page, there was a disclaimer. “Deaths reported as Covid within 28 days of a positive test.” 

That means that any cause of death other than Covid, will still be recorded as a Covid death if the person died within 28 days of a positive test. 

A completely asymptomatic person, who falls down a flight of stairs and dies, will be counted as a Covid death.

Mankind survived for thousands of years without Big Pharma, and just after giving experimental vaccines to millions of soldiers and civilian populations around the world during WWI, “coincidentally” the greatest pandemic in history broke out killing millions around the world; before you ask, it was the 1918 Spanish Flu. Go look it up.

Not only did the Black Nobility profit from WWI, as they do from all wars, they made millions selling vaccines to the various governments involved. It is they who called themselves this, not for the color of their skin, but of their hearts.

 It is not hard to figure out who they are. They are the ones most featured by the media they own and control.


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