THE ARMY YOU HAVE: Why the Chinese diaspora support the Proud Boys: Almost 90% of $106K raised for far-right group last year is from expats from China ‘who fear BLM and Antifa are plotting communist takeover of America.’

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  • Proud Boys held fundraiser online last December after clashes in DC with Antifa 
  • Several members of the group were stabbed during pro-Trump rally in capital 
  • More than $86,000 raised in fundraiser were from Chinese expats in US, abroad 
  • Small but vocal minority of Chinese-Americans back Proud Boys, Donald Trump 
  • They say group stands between them and a communist takeover by BLM, Antifa 

Growing numbers of Chinese Americans and other expats from Asia have embraced far-right groups like the Proud Boys because they fear Antifa and Black Lives Matter want to create a communist dictatorship in the US.

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Chinese Americans and expats from China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong donated around $86,000 as part of a crowdfunding effort to help Proud Boys pay for medical expenses after members of the group were stabbed in Washington, DC this past December, according to a USA Today report published Tuesday.

The newspaper spoke to several of those donors who said they supported the fundraiser because they believe the Proud Boys and others including former President Donald Trump and radio host Alex Jones stand between America and a communist takeover.

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‘You have to understand how we feel – we came from communist China and we managed to come here and we appreciate it here so much,’ explained Rebecca Kwan, who donated $500 to the fundraiser.

‘The Proud Boys are for Trump and they are fighting Antifa, and can you see anything good that Antifa did except destroy department stores and small businesses?’




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