The Bank Made My Family Broke | True Life Story

Blessed with a steady professional income and carefully managed expenses, this family was getting along well – until overnight they found themselves frozen out of their bank account: without warning, WITHOUT HAVING DONE ANYTHING WRONG, and without recourse. Strapped for cash, they consumed their pantry food, and struggled to pay for groceries and even medical care.
“Like watching a train wreck in slow motion, as you stand helplessly by, BUT THEN YOU REALIZE THAT YOU ARE THE ONES ON THE TRAIN…”
This unconventional true-life interview with an American mom living in Israel shows how suddenly life can turn upside down, completely outside your control. Whether due to geo-political tensions, increased restrictions (in the name of “security”,) the risk of lockup of the leveraged banking system, or even natural disasters, you can lose your freedom to conduct your financial affairs in the blink of an eye. A grim foretaste of the cashless future we are all being ushered into yields some priceless lessons-learned.. WHAT CAN YOU DO NOW to be prepared to survive when life throws you a severe curve? Tune in and find out!

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