The Battle over Dreamers is about to Begin

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by Mark Angelides

One of 2017’s most contentious issues was over what would happen to the estimated 700,000 Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, and this is due to come to the forefront of politics as of today.
While many in government are playing down the importance of this decision (and ultimate vote), suggesting that it need not be deal with until March, the reality is that it will be an all-encompassing piece of legislation upon which careers may rise or fall. In the run-up to Christmas, lawmakers were locked behind closed doors in an attempt to leave the public with an impression that something was going to be achieved…At least an indication of direction.
Various media sites are putting their own spin on this particular topic, both from the point of view of the recipients, and the politicos.
The left and the right seem to think that “their side” will win through. The “Dreamers” themselves are being subjected to a fair amount of scrutiny with wildly varying reports about their “usefulness?” coming out. You may have read that they are a majority of well-educated taxpayers with very low levels of criminality, or you may have read (today) that a quarter of the are unable to manage basic English.
But don’t be fooled. Neither political side is evaluating their response based on the “worthiness” of the individuals. The Dreamers are about t be used as one of the biggest political poker chips ever seen.
President Trump has made his position extremely clear. He has stressed publically that without concessions on wall funding and chain migration, then there will be no deal on DACA recipients. And the left has stated that there are certain ideas that they “Will Not” entertain.
So who will win through?
Here’s my guess. There is no way on earth that the DACA recipients will face deportation…Not going to happen. They will also not magically become American citizens overnight. The most likely outcome (in my opinion) is that some funding for the wall will be agreed upon, and a sturdy review (or limiting) of chain migration (possibly “Tom Cotton-Lite) will not be overly opposed.
No Democrat will make a promise to vote a certain way, and no Republican will call for DACA deporting.
Yet this may be an opportunity for President Trump to win some positive coverage. If he can offer a pathway to citizenship for the Dreamers, something more than just a continuation of their current status, it would be difficult for Democrats (or Republicans) not to go along with his proposals. T would also mean that if they opposed, they would be the one’s cast in a negative light.
In a choice between 700,000 getting citizenship, or a continuation of a chain migration system that has accounted for around 9 million coming in (largely unskilled, leading to a suppression of wages for the folk that need it the most), it should be a pretty simple equation.

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12 thoughts on “The Battle over Dreamers is about to Begin

  1. One of Trumps central tenets of his campaign on which he ran, for which many millions voted, and by which he won, was the building of the wall and reform of the immigration system. Democrats and Republicans should both acquiescence to the American people’s wishes for which they voted and were promised.
    Last, are not American children also Dreamers, but the school systems and job opportunities are no better if not worse than 10,20,30 or 40 years ago? The American political system has been a failure for American families but a boon to the 1%, Corporatocracy, and 47 million legal and illegal immigrants in the last 20 years.

    • Absolutely right, teachers (at least by the coast in CA) have to deal with non-English speakers, no math skills and bangers those buddies stand at the doorways and disrupt the classes. Oh, but we must molly coddle these dreamers who will kill each other in a heartbeat. Shear insanity.

      • Trump may indeed be obstructed from actions on all his promises or he may be reneging,
        either way the us citizens are the ones paying with their careers and lives gone.

  2. They should be blaming their Parents …..
    If your parents rob a bank ….. and give you the money when you are a baby …. you are not entitled to the money they stole.
    It really shows how “adult” they are, shifting the blame. The more we give, the more they hate us.

    • On a light note TRUMP could do some real school boy tricks (besides taunts to the fat Korean nut job), to out his opposition in the employee of the US gov. he could issue an executive order to all federal judges to revise the dress code to a Ronald McDonald outfit in lieu of robes. The same executive order can be extended to the Joint Chief of Staff of the Military to only dress in female BALLET dancer costumes.The Israelis and anyone else can and MUST wear the Yamicas on the JOB!
      TV audiences will approve and ratings for the TRUMP show will go ballistic.
      gays in congress can do clothing optional .

  3. “Yet this may be an opportunity for President Trump to win some positive coverage.”
    You can’t be serious with a line like that.
    The truth is Trump could give full Amnesty to the Dreamers and not a single Democrat will change their vote, nor will the Liberal media relent in their hatred. Likewise the Dreamers if Amnestied will register to vote and even though Trump would have granted them status they will still vote against him and the Republicans and we will have one party socialist rule and Venezuela here we come.
    Meanwhile, much of Trump’s base will consider this a big betrayal and Trump will be a one term President. This would be Read My Lips on steroids. Many Republicans will stay home in 2018 and the Democrats take control and impeach him.
    Simply put:
    Trump caves on Amnesty he gains nothing as the people who hate him and aren’t voting for him will still hate him and won’t vote for him, but he will lose his base.
    On the other hand if Trump sends these freeloaders home the people who hate him will hate him more but they aren’t voting for him anyhow so no loss, but his base and America are still secure.

  4. If Donald lets this up to the idiots in Washington NOTHING WILL EVER GET DONE with DACA…..hopefully it will DIE a merciful death soon….. then we can build the WALL and keep more of these rocket scientists OUT…..!!!! Chain migration must GO…..

  5. If the Dreamers stay and chain migration ends, I’m fine. I get more than I would have from anyone else in either party.

  6. Regardless of what Trump does, the media will paint it as bad. If he says they’re in the country illegally and therefore should be deported, they’ll go “Trump is a racist, Trump is punishing people who have done nothing wrong, Trump is destroying the economy by removing the most qualified members of the workforce.”
    If he decides to keep DACA the way it is, the media will suddenly switch sides and report on the economic problems caused by lots of people who are here but can’t find a job because they don’t speak our language.
    If he goes for a compromise of some kind (I think something like “They did nothing wrong themselves (their parents did), they don’t know their original home country at all, so sending them there would be hard on them. We’ll grant them amnesty for the immigration violation; those who have violated other laws since entering will be deported, the others get a legal residence permit for a year and can extend it if they pass a test including having a job and at least working knowledge of English. Even those who are allowed to stay in the end don’t get any special bonuses, scholarships etc.” would be quite reasonable and should be acceptable to both sides if they were really looking at the facts and not at “but we can’t do anything Trump wants” or “but we can’t do anything the liberals want”), the media will accuse him of falling over (regardless of whether or not the compromise crosses any of his stated red lines) and being ineffective.

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