“The best luxury money can buy you is freedom”

by n8zerdude

I just did an interview with Robin Singh, the founder of E-Junkie and that was one of his quotes on my podcast.

He was all about minimizing effort and maximizing results in building his business. He wanted to buy freedom instead of “stuff”, because, in his words, all he wanted to do was “sit around and be lazy” in his freedom.

He’s now living out in India, enjoying his time out in nature on the “Peepal Farm”, where he takes care of animals and people (and yes, sits in laziness haha)

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Here are some key quotes and takeaways from the interview:

• Saving money is easier than working for it.

• If you’re going for financial freedom, you have to decide what you’re going to do with that freedom

• Cut out anything that’s unnecessary. Don’t follow consumption patterns

• Advertisements are designed to seduce you

After retiring he began doing charity work because he wanted to


• Lower consumption not to lower materialism but to lower suffering

Even if you don’t consume anything materialistic, you still need to eat. Even if you’re vegan (like Robin) and eat just a bowl rice, someone somewhere down the line is putting in labor and suffering.

Once you hit the point of freedom, you have to choose what you do with it and that comes from WITHIN yourself, not in the outside, material world.