The BIGGEST Risk For the Stock Market Before 2019! Fed Cause the Financial Crisis Part 2?

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What is the BIGGEST RISK to the markets right now?

If you see the daily fluctuations of the financial markets, they’re nonsensical. Highly erratic behaviour. But this is what the entire world is relying on in the financial industry and everything connected in with it. Markets need to consistently be growing and periods of slowness are highly detrimental to this garbage system.


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tail risk oct 2018.jpg (759×402)

FMS oct 2018 most crowded.jpg (890×829)

FMX1 global economy.jpg (752×364)

FMS bearish.jpg (785×413)

S-P500-share-buybacks-Oct-2018.png (800×535) (1360×1092)

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Cramer: Stop ‘Fed-mandated slowdown’ before stock market tanks


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