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The Border ‘Security’ Bill From Congress is Garbage and Will Actually Make the Current Crisis Much Worse

It greatly inhibits the President and federal law enforcement from taking real action to secure the border in the future. Further, it exacerbates the crisis with catch and release, unaccompanied minors, “family” units and false asylum claims…

On the continuing unaccompanied minor crisis, adult sponsors who may have criminal records or who are often times in the United States illegally, are given immunity and amnesty. This will greatly increase the problem…

Sec.224 is a poison pill: Gives deportation immunity to any sponsor—or POTENTIAL sponsor—of an “unaccompanied” alien child. Creates incentive for illegals already here to order up kids from Central America (or anywhere)…

-there is a serious amnesty/sanctuary provision snuck into the spending bill.

Section 224(a) would make it so ICE cannot detain or remove anyone who has effectively any kind of relationship (even just as a “potential sponsor”) with any unaccompanied minor…

This bill creates more loopholes, it does nothing to close them…It appears nothing in this legislation will actually stop Central American caravans or the unaccompanied minor and family unit crisis. Instead, it does the opposite through new incentives.


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