The case for being a bear

by Probably_Faking_It

Alright, so, story time for you degenerates. Imagine your in Kindergarten and sitting at a multicolored carpet on top of a weird shape your teacher told you was a letter.

I just went to the store to pick up a few things. One of the things I needed to pick up was baby formula. My wife and I have twin girls that are 10 months old. They still drink formula. They also eat some solid food, but not enough, so we use formula to make sure they get all of their nutrition.

Typically, I buy formula at Costco because it’s cheap. Well, tonight, Costco didn’t have any. I asked someone who worked there, and he told me they have been out for a bit and probably wouldn’t have any in for 2 weeks.

Because we are going to need more formula in the next few days, I went a couple other places. They were also out. Finally, I went to the shitstorm that is Walmart, and I found some. All they had was 12 oz cans. Typically, I buy the 42 oz containers at Costco, but whatever. Walmart had a limit to how many you could buy, and I bought less than that limit BECAUSE I’M A DECENT HUMAN BEING.

So, here is the actual case for being a bear. Shortages happen. That’s not new to anyone, it’s part of living in a global economy. But the price. Those 12 oz cans were 18 dollars each. Typically, I buy the 42 oz containers for 25 dollars. This price increase is insane.

Luckily, my wife and I make enough money to absorb this cost increase without a lot of pain. Unfortunately, it’s not just formula. Everything is getting so god damned expensive.

I work in public schools (no I’m not a teacher). Every day, I work with kids who come from homes that have incomes at or below the poverty line. And many of them have younger siblings, many of whom need formula. How are these families going to afford this?

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Yes, I’m being a bleeding heart. That’s not the point. Let’s be dicks here for a second. How does the economy work? The rich folks pay the poor folks too little money to do too much work, and then the poor folks pay too much money back to the rich folks for too little stuff. That’s the general way of it. Riches get rich, poors get fuk.

What happens when poors have to use more of their money to buy less shit? Well… they buy less shit.

What happens when people buy less shit? Companies don’t sell as much, so they need fewer employees, so they do layoffs, they buy fewer goods, and blah blah blah macroeconomics, you get it.

I don’t want the market to crash because I want your granny’s retirement fund to evaporate. I don’t want the market to crash because I want your 401k to go to 0. I don’t want the market to crash because I hate America.

I want the market to crash because it desperately needs to. We need a god damned reset button, and no matter how many flag emojis, dick jokes, and anal rape metaphors you post here, that isn’t going to change.

Anyways. SPY 285 by EoY, bulls are f*ck, yada yada.

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