The CASE For Silver Going ABOVE $100! – This Is A GAME CHANGER! (with Keith Neumeyer)

Josh Sigurdson talks with Keith Neumeyer about the rise of silver and the potential for the precious metal to reach more than $100 an ounce! There’s even the possibility of silver going as high as $300 in the near future simply based on the gold/silver ratio metric.

Keith Neumeyer is the CEO of First Majestic Silver Corp, a well respected mining company that has turned profit for years. With Keith’s insight into the silver and the gold market, we look at the potential in the future for silver as both a wealth insurance and an investment as the global economy shutters and shows no signs of miraculously recovering from the tragic outcome of the shutdowns.

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With millions of people set to lose their homes in the United States alone and massive stimulus spending, Federal Reserve printing and stock market manipulation, there can be opportunity in darkness.

This video is not investment advice but rather a look into the fast moving markets of precious metals as a result of the collapse of the global economy.


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